Facilities and Amenities


Our well-stocked shop was rebuilt in 2009 to give us more space.

We are open from 9am to  9pm every day including Sunday stocking fresh rolls,  milk and all your basic requirements. 

Newspapers are ordered therefore  you should place your order in the shop by 8pm

10p mix

We also still sell the very popular "10p mix" sweets. At least 10 sweets in a paper bag for a very affordable 10p. Children may also make thier own mixtures - for many visitors this is the first time their children experience going to a shop on thier own and many parents enjoy their children being occupied for 15 to 20 minutes trying to choose the right sweets!


We have ample modern toilet and shower facilities throughout Fonab Park. This includes newly upgraded wet room bathrooms.


Our laundry is housed in newly upgraded stone building.

Facilities consist of 2 washing machines, 2 spin dryers, sinks for handwashing, iron and ironing board.

All the machines take tokens that are available from the shop or the office.