Bread, milk and sugar

Where to buy Fresh food essentials

Bread, milk and sugar

The essential food and personal items you always need as soon as you run out. 

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Whether you are visiting Pitlochry on summer holidays, a long weekend break or passing through to go North or South of Scotland, then its always worth while finding out where the essentials shops are located. Ideal for picking up some extra milk, a top up of tea and coffee and a fresh loaf of bread, so at least you can make the obligatory tea and toast in the morning. Pitlochry is lucky enough to have a  wonderful selection of bakeries and butcher as well as a local Co-op store for those who need to grab a little more than just the basics. 


Co-op Pitlochry Pitlochry

Co-op Pitlochry

When purchasing groceries, you have a choice of convenience versus costs

MacDonalds Butchers Pitlochry

MacDonalds Butchers

Traditional Scottish Butchers and Deli

Handam Refill Station CIC Pitlochry

Handam Refill Station CIC

Pitlochry's hidden eco treasure

Gift Logo indicating that this business has a special offer for Fonab guests
The Bakery Pitlochry Pitlochry

The Bakery Pitlochry

A traditional Artisan Bakery