Where to buy Whisky & Distilleries

A wee Dram from Scotland

Whisky, the most famous drink in Scotland and if you are yet to try your first sip of the historic beverage, then you are in for a treat! Whether a friendly Scot offers you a wee dram to warm your bones or if you are looking to take home a bottle of Perthshire's finest blends, Pitlochry offers not only a local drinkmonger but a fine whisky distillery too.


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If you are staying in Pitlochry and perhaps hosting a dinner in some holiday accommodation with friends or family, you might want to pop out to get the essentials and we all know that means gin or some famous whisky!

Pitlochry is home to Blair Atholl Distillery where you can enjoy a whisky tour and learn about the different whisky types from single grain to blended malt whisky. A walk through the process of whisky making is on offer along with a visitor centre for any questions you might have. 

More information about the history of Scottish whisky's, what makes the perfect blend and to taste award winning gin, a visit to Robertson's of Pitlochry on one of their tasting experiences is absolutely one to keep on your list whilst visiting the highlands. There is even a shop to purchase your favourite bottle of gin to take home with you.