Where to buy Traditional butchers, haggis, pies and puddings

Savour the taste of Pitlochry.

It is known to many that Scotland's national and most famous dish is of course, Haggis. But here in the highlands, there are many traditional flavours and ingredients that make up what we like to call some good 'scran' or 'supper'. Experience some of the Scottish delicatessens and Butchers we have here in Pitlochry to get a true taste of Perthshire. 

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The most delicious meats can be found from local butchers and grocery markets within Pitlochry offering a taste of fine dinning from the comfort of your home / holiday let. Celebrate Burns night with traditional haggis or pick up some local produce for the BBQ, from Pork burgers to chicken sausages and all meat packs in between, there is something for everyone's palette at Macdonalds Butchers. 

If you are shopping in the highlands during the summer season and you have worked up an appetite to try range of traditional recipes from local suppliers, A wide range of preserves, deli cheeses and cured meets can be found at Pitlochry Markets.