It's tea time somewhere in Pitlochry

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It's tea time somewhere in Pitlochry

The great British tradition, known for its versatility to be the solution to any situation. A good brew, or cup of tea will get you far in the highlands. It will add warmth to your bones during the harsh winters of Perthshire and over the years has become the pinnacle of socialising for many.  The question of 'Milk and sugar?' is so second nature to us, the phrase 'put the kettle on' is how we say good morning here in Scotland. 

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Located a short distance from the A9 road connecting Inverness to Perth, Pitlochry has become a popular destination for friends, families and like minded tourists to stop off for a cup of tea or hot beverage. whether you enjoy a fruit tea or peppermint tea, you wont be disappointed with a visit to Sub Rosa Delicatessen.

If traditional english breakfast is more your bag, then don't forget to stop by Melt Gallery who can offer you a taste of Perthshire with a range of flavours and tea favourites whilst you browse their collection of artwork and jewellery. 


Scotch Corner Ice Cream Pitlochry

Scotch Corner Ice Cream

Scotch Corner Wee Ice Cream Shop

Garden Café Pitlochry

Garden Café

Garden Café

Escape Route Pitlochry

Escape Route

Bicycle and equipment store

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Co-op Pitlochry Pitlochry

Co-op Pitlochry

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