Where to buy Bakery and Cakes

Delicious freshly baked good, savory breads and sweet cakes

There is nothing quite like the smell of fresh breads and savory pastries, hot out the oven with  delicious scents that will have you taking home some extra treats. 

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Pitlochry is home to some of the most delicious bakeries and pâtisseries in the highlands of Scotland. From freshly baked savory breads to traditional scottish pies and pastries. You can enjoy some if the finest filled sandwiches that the town center of Ptilochry has to offer, enjoyed with a hot coffee or soft drink and you can even grab a sweet treat, tray bakes or cakes to takeaway. 

The Bakery  is an independent bakery that specialise in artisan breads and pastries.

The hairy's coo's piecebox is the newest addition to bakeries of Pitlochry, offering tray bakes and morning muffins, with coffee to go and specialising in celebration cakes for weddings and birthdays.