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ANWB 3 Stars for 2018

We were delighted that ANWB, The Royal Dutch Touring Club, has awarded us 3 stars


Fishing permit Conditions

A permit entitles the holder to fish West Haugh & Dunfallandy beats by rod and line only for salmon and fish of the salmon kind.
A permit is valid only for the dates/times stated on the permit.

The holder shall fish according to the law. A permit must be carried by the holder and be produced on demand to all persons entitled to ask for such production.

No dogs are to accompany anglers and the lighting of fires and the carrying of guns is strictly prohibited.

All gates must be kept closed and styles are to be used in preference to climbing fences.

Recognised accesses only may be used.
No cars allowed on agricultural land.
No car parking on Milton of Fonab Caravan Site.

Any fish not hooked in the mouth must be carefully and quickly returned alive to the water.

All and coloured or unseasonable fish must be carefully and quickly returned alive to the water. 

 No more than one fish may be retained per day.

Anglers will fish in a sportsmanlike manner. No angler shall fish within 30 yards of another or cut in front of another when fishing a pool (on either side), but each shall take his/her in order of arrival at any pool or stream.

No worm fishing. 

Where there is competition for any part anglers must keep moving a minimum of one metre downstream between each cast. 

Contravention of any of the above conditions will mean forfeiture of permission. 

We reserve the right to fish by boat (harling) at any time. This right will not be exercised to the detriment of sport enjoyed by other guests.

Fish safely at your own risk and wear a lifejacket.

Permit holders must submit returns (even if nil) to:

Fiona Stewart, Milton of Fonab Caravan Park, Pitlochry, PH16 5NA,
within one week of fishing.

It is illegal to take salmon before 1 st April 2018.

They must be returned to the river
Anglers are requested to exercise restraint and practice catch and release wherever possible.
As a minimum please release your first salmon and every second fish thereafter and retain no more than one fish per day.